Our Hygiene und Safety Concept

The Trend Topics of A+A


Sustainable governance while assuming responsibility for people, the planet and the climate at the same time. These themes will be addressed by the experts at A+A under the headings of circular economy (packaging and recyclability of products), due diligence legislation, certification and sustainable products.

Digital Performance

Digital tools pave the way for a smart future of the industry. These include solutions for digital process optimisation, automation in procurement, manufacturing and delivery.

Future Solutions

New impulses will come care of the Start Up Zone putting young and innovative enterprises in the limelight. Smart “assistants” will demonstrate their abilities in the Robotics Park.

New Work

New Work worlds are emerging constantly today. Digital transformation and communication technologies enable location-independent working and learning.

Hygiene & Pandemic

How do I protect myself and my co-workers and which lessons learnt from the pandemic will shape tomorrow’s prevention measures. Find out about approaches and products and listen to relevant lectures at the Trend Forum.