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"Push-Fit" Glove Connection System for ChemMax®

ChemMAX Push Fit glove system

"Push-Fit" Glove Connection System for ChemMax®

Lakeland’s “Push-Fit” glove connection system for ChemMax chemical protective coveralls is a new and innovative way to connect a range of chemical gloves to ChemMax 1,2 and 3 with a completely liquid-proof seal.

Currently, users commonly use an adhesive tape to attempt to seal the connection between glove and sleeve. This is uncertain and haphazard – it is impossible to know whether a seal has been achieved until it is too late! It is also costly with very little control over how much tape is used.

Alternatively some users rely on a double-cuff on the garment. Perhaps a better solution, but in this case there is no seal and the risk remains that a liquid can run between the layers and penetrate through to the wearers skin.

Furthermore, the system is certified to Type 3 with ChemMAX 1, 2 and 3 coveralls having been successfully tested to the Type 3 jet-spray test in which a jet of liquid was sprayed specifically at the join and no penetration was apparent.

The Push-Fit glove connection is also strong – pull testing has achieved results in well excess of 200N on all three garments.

The system is available in cartons of 5 sets (20 rings – 2 inner and 2 outer per set – sufficient to equip five garments) or as garments to order with selected gloves already attached.