"The heat is on!": Safety Shoe with integrated heating system

You can dress warmly this winter. With ELTEN THERM-IC, the new safety shoe series which makes cold feet a thing of the past.

Exclusively at the A + A 2005 ELTEN will be presenting the new shoe concept for the cold season. The secret: safety shoes of the ELTEN THERM-IC series are fitted with an integrated heating system to ensure a healthy, pleasantly warm foot climate at any time and in any place. The new thermocomfort features on ELTEN safety shoes have already been successfully used in the winter sports sector and are based on the latest lithium technology. A compact, superlight lithium-ion battery powers an ultramodern heating element which is integrated into the inner sole and emits a pleasant heat for up to 18 hours. With its three heat settings the heating element can be set to maintain an individual feel-good temperature even at sub-zero temperatures.

At the same time the ELTEN THERM-IC shoe series also comes with a complete thermocomfort package. An insole permeated with special copper fibres ensures an even distribution of heat on the inside of the shoe. The latest inner lining technologies offer protection against the cold even with thin materials. In its THERM-IC models ELTEN has used real high-tech fibres like the Thinsulate™ microfibre by 3M and the breathable DFD inner lining to provide optimum heat comfort.

All in all, the new ELTEN THERM-IC safety shoe series thus offers not only optimum comfort on cold days but also active health protection. Because the THERM-IC technology in ELTEN safety shoes prevents exposure and poor blood circulation in the feet and so promotes overall physical wellbeing. Particularly in winter susceptibility to coughs and sneezes, bronchial disorders or rheumatic disorders can be perceptibly reduced. Something therefore to be particularly warmly recommended for cold days.