Ismont Tekstil Üretim Paz. San. ve Tic. A.S.



ISMONT, having realized a further first in its field, performs its production by applying the ISO 9001 quality processes and is still the first ISO 9001 certified Turkish company in its field. ISMONT has BSCI Criterie. It is ISMONT’s main goal to produce low cost, high quality products with its quality assurance system and to deliver them duly to its customers and to be both in the domestic market and abroad the leader in the race for quality. ISMONT have totally 12 stores, of which 11 are in Turkey and 1 is in Germany. There are also marketing department in these stores for wholesale activities. The stores are located in Istanbul; Şişli, Güneşli, Kozyatağı, Gebze, Çamlıca, Kadıköy and Dudullu. Outside of Istanbul in Kocaeli, Izmir and Antalya. The abroad store in Germany is located in Düsseldorf. ISMONT’s vision is to be the biggest brand, clothing world’s employees with its quality and distinctive designs in the work clothes sector. ISMONT continues providing its services with its Turkey wide spread stores and makes confident steps towards becoming a brand in the world.