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21towear – The new high-speed service from HB Schutzbekleidung, and the fastest way to obtain PPE

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21towear – The new high-speed service from HB Schutzbekleidung, and the fastest way to obtain PPE

Even exceptionally large or small sizes are available in just 21 days if they are not already in stockDelivery service which is unique within the protective clothing industry

Thalhausen, 04/11/2013 – Just in time for this year's A+A trade fair, HB is unveiling a new service that is a genuine innovation within the industry. Thanks to 21towear, the long-established company – hailing from Thalhausen in Germany – is now halving its delivery times and offering a solution for anyone who requires protective clothing urgently. What this means is that if the goods are not in stock, they will be available within 21 days of ordering*.

"As a leading manufacturer with a large number of contacts on the market, we are well aware of the importance of responding quickly in the industries our customers work in," explains company owner Klaus Berthold. "Companies working in crafts and trades, industry and transportation often have to complete jobs on short notice, and therefore need protective clothing for these jobs as soon as possible." 21towear is the answer to these demands. It will enable HB to offer its customers more flexibility and let them keep lower volumes in stock – which in turn contributes to cost savings, a not insignificant benefit.

"It is also important for us to ensure that we don't compromise on our quality assurance procedures, despite that fact that we have made our processes faster. Through 21towear, our customers will still receive 100% HB quality – a service which is, so far, unique within the PPE industry," says Berthold.

From January 2014, a total of 15 collections from all HB protective categories will be included in the new delivery service. The offer applies to replacement and additional requirements as well as to exceptionally large or small sizes. Up to 30 pieces per item can be ordered using the size measurement table. The new logo in the catalogue indicates which products 21towear applies to, and the information is also available online at http://www.hb-online.de/en/protective-clothing/products.html.

About HB Schutzbekleidung

Since 1952, HB Schutzbekleidung has been manufacturing top-quality PPE clothing that exceed standards. As the market leader for protective clothing in Germany, and Europe's leading supplier of ESD clothing, HB develops high-performance materials made of safe and comfortable fabrics. The company’s product management continuously sets new trends, through its fashionable designs, creative details and modern tailoring. This leads to intelligent collections which provide personnel and products with the best possible protection in workplaces with specific risk profiles. A sophisticated quality assurance system with 100% manual final inspection in all production facilities is the customer's guarantee that HB products will stand up to even the most stringent requirements – and stay true to HB's brand promise: "be safe. we care."

*Outside Germany, the delivery time will be a few days longer. No liability for delivery delays caused by force majeure incidents for which the vendor cannot be held responsible.


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