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In the last years Nettuno has focused on the development of ecological patent products. Among them we are proud to include our 3T project : Style, innovation and eco-compatibility melt into a unique product line. T-box is a packaging designed and made in Italy. It has an immediate visual impact, being both innovative and modern, and can be refilled time and time again avoiding creating any waste. It’s available in 3000 ml and 5000 ml size. T-bag is a new refill bag made of flexible plastic. Because it is light (only 80 gr), T-bag will allow you to save money, and the environment. T-bag is aimed to be used as a cartridge for the new T-big dispenser, or to refill t-box package, giving the chance to purchase an article only for two purposes. T-big is a strong and capacious wall dispenser. Although it is directed toward industry, Nettuno has paid careful attention to its design, resulting in an attractive, functional, neat product for the bathroom of any working environment.