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ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ Combats Critical Heat Fatigue Faced By Firefighters

Personal Protective Equipment with new range of ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™.
Rescuing the lives of civilians from hazardous situations, attending emergency incidents like fires, accidents and other risks and reacting quickly to unexpected circumstances demand physical strength and endurance of firefighters as well as the proper firefighting suit. Mekkey Holland has launched a range of ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ T-Shirts for the Dutch Fire Service for the prevention of heat stress while maintaining wearing comfort and supporting operability during emergency situations. When performing firefighting activities, firefighters are exposed to extreme heat and are faced to the risk of thermal stress and strain. As a result, there is a requirement to develop firefighter protective clothing to be used under a variety of thermal conditions and for keeping firefighters’ thermal strain below critical levels during work. Mekkey, one of the leading operators in the Dutch market, provides protective and comfortable clothing which are designed to perform several functions. Working with various suppliers, such as fire protective clothing from Bristol Uniforms Ltd., fire boots from FAL and gloves from Granqvist Holik, Mekkey has introduced ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ into the collection featuring ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ T-Shirts developed in collaboration with Ghost Textiles UK. The T-Shirts are designed to meet the performance and comfort requirements for protective clothing for firefighting; preventing heat stress which reduces the mental performance of the firefighter and slows down his reaction and decision time.
Erik Mekkelholt from Mekkey commented: “Mekkey is continuously focusing on functionality for professional clothing and our goal is to supply protective materials for firefighters engaged in general firefighting activities, being at the risk of heat fatigue. We are pleased to have in our range ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ T-Shirts from Ghost Textiles which will help to remove the heat stress of firefighters before a serious heat-related condition is occurring.” Engineered with a technically advanced yarn consisting of a unique blend of multichannel and hollow fibres, the ADVANSA Thermo°Cool™ outfit from Mekkey is designed to meet the absolute requirements of the firefighter. All garments provide excellent quality and performance with evaporative cooling or thermo-buffering functions. The fire brigade expects from this technically advanced fabric the best type of support while attending emergency incidents.