ALPENHEAT Produktions-& Handels GmbH


The Alpenheat heated horse blanket uses a special heating cell system made out of thermal-fibres which are incorporated in 3 different areas. The horse blanket can be operated by 2 different ways: 230V household power socket or by battery pack. Excellent mobility is guaranteed due to use of battery pack. By using the heated blanket muscle tension will be loosened and the blood circulation will increase, colds can be prevented and give the horse a comfortable warmth.

1. Heating element:

• Large-sized heating element in back area

• Flexible bio-thermal synthetic fibres

2. Alpenheat controller with battery pack:

• 5 heating levels

• Push button operation

• Heating duration 1,5-6h

• High power Li-Ion batteries

3. Alpenheat Universal Battery Charger:

• Charging time approx. 6 hours 4. Permanent operation 230V household socket