Idee Cocco Italia SNC


New entry in Idee Cocco 2016 catalogue: other garments like apron or sleeves not needed

Designed for a more comfortable protection against heat hazards, it addresses welding workers and provides the highest safety in one item. With the V5XK apron, an innovative product, Idee Cocco enlarges its manufacturing collection .

Born out of users’ requests, it has been developed to satisfy the need of comfortable clothing and high protective standard. The V5XK apron has been recently launched on the market and certified EN ISO 11611 for welding.

Comfortable, strong and washable

From 1972 Idee Cocco produces heat resistant gloves and clothing for foundry, glass industry, fire fighters and welding . The apron with sleeves has been manufactured for foundry and recently adapted to the welding field, with a restyling of technical details, thanks to a particular fabric which ensures an excellent level of thermal and mechanical protection.

Compared with common aprons or split jackets, the V5XK apron is more lightweight, allows mobility and less strain of the user. The back side, with protection of the shoulder blades, ensures the air recycle and flowing. Thanks to these features, the apron is appropriate in case of prolonged use and it can also be washed, without the loss of its protective qualities.