A Framework for the Concurrent Consideration of Occupational Hazards and Obesity

The current issue of the Annals of Occupational Hygiene runs an article on the
connections between Occupational Hazards and Obesity.

Occupational hazards and obesity can lead to extensive morbidity and mortality
and put great financial burden on society. Historically, occupational hazards
and obesity have been addressed as separate unrelated issues, but both are
public health problems and there may be public health benefits from considering
them together. This paper provides a framework for the concurrent consideration
of occupational hazards and obesity. The framework consists of the following
elements: (i) investigate the relationship between occupational hazards and
obesity, (ii) explore the impact of occupational morbidity and mortality and
obesity on workplace absence, disability, productivity and healthcare costs,
(iii) assess the utility of the workplace as a venue for obesity prevention
programs, (iv) promote a comprehensive approach to worker health and (v)
identify and address the ethical, legal and social issues. Utilizing this
framework may advance the efforts to address the major societal health problems
of occupational hazards and obesity.

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