A comfortable way to wear a harness? SKALT Protectum

Protectum by SKALT

SKALT introduces a revolutionary product: Protectum! A soft-shell windbreaker with harness incorporated. Sturdy working gear. Fall protection in a fashionable and comfortable jacket protecting you against rain and wind and in case you do fall.

Why Protectum
It not always easy to put on a harness, especially over thick working gear. A complaint often heard from workers in the field. Up to now, working gear has not been accustomed to fit under a harness comfortably. Many workers underestimate the importance of protective clothing with regard to a tight fit and weather conditions. Therefore they often start their job at height underdressed or overdressed and wearing non-fitting fall arrest equipment. Protectum allows you to wear what you like underneath: a t-shirt, long sleeve, sweater or fleece. Because of that you will be protected in case of a fall and against rain, cold and / or wind. And, at last, Protectum offers a piece of protective clothing which was designed according to fashion requirements.

This is how it works
Put on Protectum like any other jacket. Always fasten the snap lock of the harness at chest height first before closing the zipper. Only this way Protectum is always safe and ready for use. Pull the lining from the inner waist down and the leg straps will appear. Fasten the snap locks of the leg straps and adjust to a comfortable fit. Make a choice of anchorage point on the front or back.