A fifth of british workers concerned about work-related stress

A report published last week by the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
shows that just over a fifth of British workers are concerned about
work-related stress.

Figures derived from the Labour Force Survey in 2004/05 indicate that around 13
million working days were lost due to work-related stress in this year. Stress
along with Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) accounted for around 70% of all
work-related working days lost in Great Britain.

HSE Chief Executive Geoffrey Podger said,
"Stress is a major problem in British workplaces and this survey underlines
that. Stress can occur in any workplace and it is important that both employers
and employees recognise the symptoms at an early stage. We have produced
guidance for employers and the stress management standards can help employers
tackle the issue."

Around 40% thought that the risk of stress in the workplace could be
realistically reduced and less than a third said that their employers had taken
preventative action to reduce stress levels in the workplace.

The Workplace Health and Safety Survey (WHASS) was conducted between August and
December last year surveyed just over 10,000 workers. The survey concerned
employee perceptions of workplace risk and covered a number of different risk

The report released last week covers the initial findings of the survey.
Further analyses will provide more detailed patterns by industry and
assessments of preventive measures within the different risk categories.

The data obtained from the survey will give the HSE a better understanding of
how health and safety is being managed in Britain's workplaces and will help to
identify what is working and what isn't and why, from the perspective of the

When employees were also asked which risks they thought could realistically be
reduced, slips and trips topped the list.

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