'A healthy return' new IOSH guidance

Returning to work after the New Year holiday is no mean feat, but coming back
to work after months or years due to work-related sickness is an even greater

The UK Government recently announced its plans to reassess the 2.6 million
people receiving incapacity benefits by 2013 to determine who is healthy enough
to return to work. Employers and managers will have to do more to manage
rehabilitation, which means calling on the support of health and safety
practitioners. And theres a new free guide from the IOSH information centre
which can help: 'A healthy return - good practice guide to rehabilitating
people at work.'

Introducing the guide, Dr Bill Gunnyeon, Chief Medical Adviser at the
Department for Work and Pensions, said:

"Employers, occupational health and other healthcare professions, trade unions,
HR professionals, line managers and occupational safety and health
practitioners must all work together, combining their respective skills and
experience to create a powerful multidisciplinary team."

"IOSH is to be congratulated on its initiative, which is an excellent example
of taking definitive action to bring about change and help make a difference to
the lives of working age people."

The aim of this good practice guide is to give occupational safety and health
practitioners a grounding in rehabilitation, and to provide them with practical
support. Others, including managers and human resources personnel, will also
find it useful.

The guide contains:

  • an overview of rehabilitation

  • a Work adjustment assessment to help assess employees with impairments or
    medical conditions

  • case studies that demonstrate rehabilitation in practice

  • sources of further information, reading and training.

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