Melchior Textil GmbH

A rainbow palette of colours at a glance

For Melchior Textil, having an up-to-date, fashionable collection of workwear fabrics is a top priority. In time for the A+A 2011, the company has brought out a new colour chart for its fabrics, which are much valued by the hospitality, healthcare, catering and food service industries. The classic colour palette has seen the addition of a number of trendy shades of green, violet and brown, so that the clothing industry is now able to choose from a total of 36 different colours.

Fabrics made by Melchior Textil are valued by the workwear industry for their lightweight quality, wearer comfort and high proportion of natural fibres. In addition to these advantages, their large range of colours makes them particularly popular for corporate fashion garments. Thanks to Melchior’s regular updating of its colour palette, manufacturers can be sure to find the shades they need to create garments in the very latest trend colours for the hospitality, catering, healthcare, nursing and food service sectors.
Now, in time for the A+A 2011, Melchior presents the very latest trend colours.
The company’s “Basic Colours for Workwear” colour chart features a total of 36 different shades, including the popular classics, plus a number of brand-new, bright colours. The hottest colours in the world of fashionable workwear are the new greens and browns, including Dark Olive, Pistachio and Dark Brown. In addition to these, there are a several subtle shades of violet, trendy Pink and sunny Orange. This rainbow palette of colours provides the workwear industry with all the latest trend colours at a glance!