A report on the impact of game changing technologies

The difference between incremental innovation and disruptive
innovation can be seen as the difference between improving a candle by adding a
wick that burns more slowly (incremental innovation) and inventing the electric
light bulb (disruption). Technological innovation is permanent and ongoing,
but from time to time new discoveries can pave the way for totally new uses and

New technological possibilities and combinations of them can bring disruption
not only at a product level, but can also involve the entire process related to
its production. This will have consequences for the working conditions of
individuals employed on that process and on employment at establishment level,
and thereby on the structures that regulate the relationship between the social
partners in that particular sector. The extent of the possible impacts of the
technologies under consideration in this report, however, could have even wider
impacts on the world of work and society in general.

A recently publsihed overview report presents the findings of five case studies
that examined the potential impact of new technologies - the ‘game changers' or
disruptors - on manufacturing in Europe. The time horizon is 2017 to 2025.
The technologies examined are:
- advanced industrial robotics (AIR);
- industrial internet of things (IIoT);
- additive manufacturing (AM);
- electric vehicles (EVs);
- industrial biotechnology (IB).

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