Act Safe Systems AB

ActSafe ACC - Our latest invention revolutionizes the way you work at height

We proudly present our latest product
The new battery operated power ascender ActSafe ACC is the result of unconventional and innovative thinking in combination with ActSafes experience in this field. It combines good design, durability and the latest technology.
Easily described ActSafe ACC works as a personal elevator that ascend or descend a standard EN 1891 rope. What is really does is enabling revolutionary working methods for safe and ergonomic work at height.

Working methods that’s gaining ground
Operations, inspections and rescue at height are in many cases complex, expensive and time consuming. The ActSafe ACC power ascender allows this work to be done in a manner that is safe, efficient and economical.
It is simply a matchless alternative for lightweight work at height; the use of ActSafe power ascenders has become a well-established access method for rescue and industrial use within telecom, power, building & construction, rope access etc.

ActSafe ACC takes rope access to new heights.
The new ActSafe ACC, a durable tool made for frequent professional use, makes the rope access working methods even more efficient. It has a straight forward design and is easy to use and understand. With this ingenious tool one don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from the many advantages the rope access techniques hold out.

Indoors and in confined spaces
Equipped with a strong electric motor it offer advantages such as a accurate, clean and silent operation, hence the ActSafe ACC is ideal for use indoors, in confined spaces, and other situations where it is important that surroundings and people not are disturbed more than necessary during the performance of the work.