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All the Information at a Glance: new Industrial Hygiene Cockpit for TechniData HSS

Markdorf 24. July 2007

TechniData has developed a cockpit for the SAP EH&S-based IT solution TechniData HSS (Health and Safety Surveillance) that incorporates all industrial hygiene dialogs in a single view. The cockpit uses a process-oriented structure to depict all tasks, from the management of work areas to risk assessment. Users benefit by reaching their objective directly and saving time that they can then devote to their core activities. Companies benefit by cutting training costs, obtaining consistent data, and raising the efficiency of industrial hygiene procedures.

The new cockpit is geared toward the practical applications associated with industrial hygiene. As a result, TechniData’s new solution reduces information management outlay to an absolute minimum. Users do not need training in the mask structure of the underlying component, SAP EH&S. All users need to come to grips with in the cockpit is a single process-oriented dialog.

The cockpit ensures that industrial hygiene staff always have a clear overview of which process step they are working on at any particular time. They can capture data, request information, and create reports in the cockpit without needing to access individual masks. The added value of the cockpit is further boosted when it is used to carry out concerted processes, for example comparing several risk assessments.

Find more information in the PDF document at http://www.technidata.de/eu/news/news_details.php?id=292