An international comparison of the cost of work-related accidents and illnesses

The economic advantages of occupational safety and health have never been more
apparent. New estimates from an international project show that work-related
accidents and illnesses cost the EU at least EUR 476 billion every year. The
cost of work-related cancers alone amounts to EUR 119.5 billion. The project
results are available on the EU-OSHA website as an interactive data

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) seeks to inform
decision-makers in the areas of politics, business and science so that they can
better understand the economic effects of occupational safety and health. To
that end, EU-OSHA provides research results of a high scientific standard which
examine the economic effects of work-related accidents and illnesses on society
and business.

For over 20 years, the ILO has regularly published global estimates of
work-related accidents and illnesses. This methodology has now been refined in
cooperation with EU-OSHA and detailed data on the costs arising have been
calculated for the first time. The challenges for international cost estimates
in this area relate to the availability and comparability of data from
different countries and regions.

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European Agency for Safety and Health at Work