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Bata introduces new collection safety shoes: Bickz by Bata

Safety shoe Bickz 206

Anyone who thinks that functionality, design and comfort don’t go together really should find out more about Bata Industrials’ new concept in safety shoes. With Bickz by Bata, the shoe manufacturer is introducing a new type of safety shoe for consumers, hobbyists, semi-professionals and people running a one-man business which is comfortable to wear and also fits perfectly in the contemporary shoe cupboard.

Work safely
The choice for having the right work shoe is very important. There is nothing as unpleasant as the fear of having sharp tools, waste or other materials flying about piercing one’s foot. This is why Bickz, like every good safety shoe, has protective toecaps. Even all 7 models have a anti-perforation mid-sole. The mid-sole as well as the toecap are made of a non-steel material. This special material meets all international safety standards, while weighing substantially less than steel. Furthermore, other advantages that go along with that are protection against conduction of heat or cold from the outside.

Bickz has a special rubber sole which ensures extra grip on the shop floor. The special mid-sole made from Phylon also functions as a shock-absorber to prevent back, ankle and foot injuries.

New Bickz, more Kicks
Bata Industrials has over one hundred years of experience in the manufacture of quality shoes. Thanks to this experience, the manufacturer knows everything about the anatomy of the foot, as well as ergonomic aspects such as protection and care. For this reason, in addition to safety, Bata has also given thought to the worker’s comfort. The Bickz Cool System in the shoe ensures excellent regulation of moisture and heat. Thanks to the absorbent and moisture-wicking materials, your feet stay nice and dry while you work, also allowing them to breathe.

The Bickz collection also has a particularly modern design making the shoe a unique specimen in the range of safety shoes, which traditionally focused purely on functionality. “More and more workers pay extra attention to the quality of protective footwear, but we noticed that their demands in terms of the look are becoming increasingly higher as well”, according to John Beelen, Sales & Marketing Manager Benelux at Bata Industrials. “With Bickz, we combine safety and comfort in a shoe which looks tough and sporty so that workers will like to wear them and wear them often.”