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Bucofa introduces a new Facility Line for ladies on the A+A 2007. Hal 3 D06

Bucofa Facility Line

Feminine beauty in the spotlight

The time when women had to wear men’s clothes to go to work is now definitely over and that’s why Bucofa Company Workwear has introduced a collection of work clothing especially for women: the Bucofa Facility Line . Stylish clothes with the right fit, optimum comfort and contemporary design. For a wide range of jobs: general and technical services, cleaning, shop assistants, health care, nursing, hotel, restaurant and catering staff. This clothing line is also ideal for women who do light production work. Work clothes that everyone is happy to wear

The Bucofa Facility Line was designed from a feminine perspective of comfortable, fashionable and practical work clothes. This can be seen from the contemporary details and colourful accents. The collection consists of a unique combination of both modern classic and sporty designs. The special mix of tight and daring a-symmetrical lines gives the Bucofa
Facility Line its own unique and dy namic character. Both young and old working women can wear the clothes they prefer while uniformity is still guaranteed. A good idea for the women who wear the clothes and for the image of your organisation.