Business benefits of good occupational safety and health

Whether your enterprise is a small or a large company, implementing an
efficient OSH management can enhance your productivity. Managing risk is a key
element of OSH. If you prevent and control risks effectively many of the
business benefits will follow.

In the EU-15, workers are hurt in accidents every 5 seconds. One dies every two

This equates to 7.6 million accidents at work, and 4,900 fatalities every year.

But the cost is not only in terms of human suffering.

Every year, 4.9 million accidents result in more than 3 days' absence from
work. The cost of accidents at work and occupational illness ranges for most
countries from 2.6 to 3.8% of Gross National Product (GNP). It costs individual
businesses, as well as national economies.

National economies and individual businesses with better standards of
occupational safety and health (OSH), meanwhile, tend to be more successful.

Good safety and health is good business.

Whatever your particular area of interest or industry sector, you will find
information and advice on the webpages of the European Agency for Safety and
Health at Work to help you understand the business case for good safety and
health ­ how it relates to economic performance, and why good OSH is worth
investing in.

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