Cederroth International AB

CEDERROTH EYE WASH Saves your eyes - quickly!

If you should get acid, alkali or other hazardous substances in your eyes, it is vital that you start rinsing the eyes within a few seconds, to save them from being permanently damaged. Which is where Cederroth Eye Wash can help.

Available in a new, small and handy bottle, Cederroth Eye Wash is easy to keep in your pocket or in a belt holster.The bottle opens with a quick and easy twist of the top so that the rinsing can begin immediately and valuable seconds will not be lost.

The bottle is ergonomically shaped and therefore comfortable to carry around. An eyecup with soft edges helps keeping the eye open during rinsing and the liquid is directed to the eye without unnecessary spills and enables efficient rinsing of the eyes.

Cederroth Eye Wash has a neutralising effect on splashes from acid (e.g. battery acid) and alkali (e.g. lye), at the same time as it dilutes and rinses. In that way you stand a better chance of saving your eyes, compared to a saline solution.

Cederroth Eye Wash is also available in a larger bottle, to store in a wall bracket or as part of a First Aid panel.

A free demo-CD about Cederroth Eye Wash is available from the Cederroth website – www.firstaid.cederroth.com.