CERVA, a.s.


Prague, 20 July - Červa Export Import ("Červa EI") acquired a 49 percent stake in Cerva Turkey from the Turkish partners, thus becoming the sole shareholder of the Turkish affiliate.
"As of today, there has been a change in the ownership structure of Červa Group which we expect, in particular, to allow the company as a whole to operate at an optimum level. The Turkish market offers an interesting growth potential which we want to exploit as much as possible, which can be better achieved with the Turkish branch being fully integrated in the Červa Group. Given our single strategy, we hope to be even more successful in Turkey than in the past and to increase our sales revenue in the order of several percent. Our former partners helped Červa to build a stable position in the Turkish market and we now want to continue in the trend they set", commented Petr Horák, the Commercial Director of Červa EI.
Rahmi Hasan, the Turkish partner who was in charge of actively introducing the Cerva Brand into the Turkish PPE market and developing the distributor sales network and the brand awareness, will continue working in Cerva holding the position of the Commercial Manager in the company. Arda Ataoglu the 2nd partner decided to leave the company to follow his own path in the PPE industry, operating independently in the domestic market.
Cerva Turkey was established in 2013 in the form of a joint venture aimed at combining the strengths and experience of both business partners. The Turkish partners already had a long-lasting experience in the PPE industry. Arda Ataoglu, who was responsible for purchasing, logistics and warehouse management in Cerva Turkey, contributed with his knowledge acquired through his co-ownership of IS Koruma which has a long tradition in the PPE sale in the Turkish market. Rahmi Hasan came to Cerva Turkey from the German based company named Dräger where he was in charge of the sale of respiratory protection products, his contribution is in the good knowledge of the local Turkish PPE players and the distribution network having built a close relationship with them.
A major role in Cerva Turkey has been played by Jean-Pierre Sarouphim, who was appointed in 2014 to the position of the country manager in the branch and has been steering its operations. Jean Pierre Sarouphim helps the branch to determine its direction and method of growth. His main contributions include the introduction of standardized processes and regular reports.