Ceotronics AG Audio-Video-Data Communication

CT-ClipCom: Industry’s in-ear headset. Also as ATEX and with hearing protection (PPE)

For industrial applications in chemicals and petrochemicals, the communication systems of choice are CT-ClipCom ATEX models. CT-ClipCom/Ex is intrinsically safe equipment in terms of the EU standards EN 60079-0:2006 and EN 60079-11:2007, and complies with the high protection class “II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4”. This classification effectively covers 98% of all ATEX application scenarios in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries.
The ATEX certification applies both to the in-ear microphone and the flexible boom mike versions of the CT-ClipCom range. The boom microphone version also comes equipped with an innovative boom arm – the “flex boom”. It is light, robust, retains its shape and does not spring back.
Both products are supplied as monaural variants (for a single ear). If desired, both headset systems are also available for both ears (binaural).
Alongside ATEX certification, the CT-ClipCom systems have also been approved as certified hearing protection (PPE) as defined by European Standard 352-2. This is a huge relief – especially for those who previously had to wear heavy, sweaty earmuff-style hearing protection. Weighing just a few grams, CT-ClipCom protects hearing as soon as it is simply inserted into the ear.
To ensure a good fit to the ear, a disc-shaped earplug offering excellent wearer comfort can be used. Other options include a generic earpiece or custom-fit silicone earpieces molded to match the shape of an individual’s ear.
The ear pieces are simply clipped to the CT-ClipCom housing, making the CT-ClipCom system personnel-independent. This is a practical benefit offering maximum flexibility: for shift changes, personnel need to replace only the ear piece and not the entire communications system. In addition, CT-ClipCom is also equipment-neutral, since it doesn’t need to be permanently attached to protective suits or headgear. The unit’s low-profile design also means it is comfortable to wear under respirators. Under heavy respiratory gear, a very good choice is the CT-ClipCom EarMike (ear microphone), which picks up voice in the auditory canal, avoiding any transmission of noise interference.
The CT-ClipCom is available for connection to all current digital and analog radio models.