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CWS AquaFresh - efficient supply of drinking water at their work place.

Drinking at least two litres of water a day increases your mental capacity. A test which was carried out with a school class proved this quite impressively. During class, pupils were permitted to drink as much as they wanted. However, they were only allowed to drink water, no soft drinks or cola. The schoolteacher reported that overall participation in class increased.

What is obviously good for schoolchildren also increases employees' well being and performance capacity at work. With CWS AquaFresh, progressive companies offer their employees an efficient supply of drinking water at their work place.

The practical water dispenser - available as a table model and also as an attractive stand-alone model in a steel case - is simply connected directly to the water and power supplies. This means that water, no doubt the best-controlled foodstuff available, can be provided at an unbeatable price.

AquaFresh first filters the tap water and - to be on the safe side - sterilizes it. After it is cooled, the water can be carbonated in different degrees to suit different tastes - either still, medium or classic. This procedure is certified in accordance with the German Schankanlagenverordnung (SchankV - German Beverage Dispensing Equipment Regulation) and guarantees water of the highest quality.

The complete package includes providing and installing the table water device. Regular maintenance and hygiene inspections including cleaning and disinfection ensure the impeccable quality of the water and its perfect enjoyment.

With costs amounting to only a few cents per litre of drinking water, the advantages in comparison to a supply via gallons or bottles are obvious. Expensive delivery, short supplies during the summer, keeping stocks and returning empty containers are avoided, helping to also conserve the environment.