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Certified Protective Clothing – The PowerFlex Glove

PowerFlex Gloves

The newest innovation in the Charnaud global family is the PowerFlex® arc flash safety glove. The unique safety glove offers a new-to-market flame resistant solution for hand protection. It is flame resistant and anti-static, with electric arc flash and cut protection all in one comfortable, ergonomic product.

The glove meets EN 407 Level 4 flammability resistance, HRC 2 rating for arc flash protection and EN 388 cut protection Level 5. The flame resistance of the glove is inherent in all components, and stays effective even after multiple washes. An additional benefit is the thin 13g knitted liner that increases productivity be allowing the user to manipulate small objects without removing their gloves.

The specialised soft foam coating ensures a secure grip in dry to slightly oily environments, reducing slippage and tension in the hand. For more information call: +27 (0)11 794 6040 or visit www.charnaud.co.za