A.J. Charnaud & Co. (Pty) Ltd.

Certified Protective Clothing - ALu-SAFE®

Dubal wearing ALu-SAFE®

AJ Charnaud’s long standing commitment to innovation in safety, has led to the development of superior products. Since its inception in 1975, AJ Charnaud has become a global manufacturer of advanced personal protective clothing.

ALu-SAFE®, being one of the company’s flagship brands is an internationally certified product. The advanced performance work wear was developed to protect workers from molten aluminium and cryolite (reduction cell flux) splash in primary aluminium smelters.

ALu-SAFE® fabrics meet the requirements for EN ISO 11612:2008 and the International Aluminium Institute’s (IAI) procedure ‘B’ standard for personal protective clothing. For more information cal: +27(0)117946040 or visit www.charnaud.co.za