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Communication for Confined Space, the CON-SPACE Story

Confined Space Communication

Behind every successful business, lies a great story. The story of CON-SPACE is one of a pioneer in a virtually non-existent market. Before CON-SPACE was incorporated in 1991, communication between workers in confined spaces and other hazardous environments was restricted to tapping, tugging, signaling and shouting. Radios, where confined spaces were concerned, were practically useless because the signals could not penetrate the steel or concrete that is typical of a confined space enclosure. The limitations of these mechanisms soon became painfully apparent, especially in the cases where fatalities occurred.

In 1991, President of CON-SPACE Communications Terry Ibbetson, recognized these unfortunate circumstances and found a solution that allowed workers the benefit of two-way, hands-free voice communication. That product was the Hardline System, a rugged, portable and Intrinsically Safe Approved hardwired intercom system built to function in the most hazardous work environments. In 1993, U.S. OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) introduced the first dedicated regulation for the protection of confined space workers. CON-SPACE had landed into the enviable position of being a market leader in a newly formed market

This new OSHA regulation went a long way to protect the interests of confined space workers and became one of the cornerstones for CON-SPACE’s business. The rule stipulated (among other numerous stipulations) that communication between Entrant and Safety Attendants is required and while the method can range from traditional methods like, shouting, rope tugging, hand signals, or tapping to radios and telephones, it must result in rapid, unambiguous messages between workers, even while wearing facemasks. For the first time, CON-SPACE’s equipment allowed workers to communicate easily and effectively in this environment.

That is why today, CON-SPACE communication equipment is used by a wide variety of industries and thousands of companies across the world. The Hardline System is no longer used just for confined space. It has gone well beyond it into applications such as Bomb Disposal, Corrosion Maintenance, High-Rise Construction, Mass Decontamination, Plant Maintenance, Tank Cleaning, Technical Rescue and Utilities. We pride ourselves in working with our customers to develop new products and markets that challenge our technical expertise and imaginations.

CON-SPACE further expanded its consumer base by introducing another product line into the mix that would allow it to enter the lucrative radio market as well. This was the SR65i Radio Accessory, a product designed to provide portable radio users with a means of using their radios in hazardous, high noise environments and in conjunction with facemasks, breathing apparatus and protective clothing (i.e. Level A full encapsulated suits). The SR65i became a successful product thanks to its high-end quality and unique design, specifically its revolutionary Throat Mic, which had originally been created as a speaker accessory for the Hardline system. This opened the door for CON-SPACE into new industries, such as Tactical Military and Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, Hazmat and basically any other applications where portable radios were used.

Today the Company is constantly developing the market it created for itself over 11 years ago. CON-SPACE continues to innovate with new products and designs to meet the multitude of needs within its growing consumer base. To learn more about CON-SPACE visit our website at: www.con-space.com.