VIZ Reflectives Ltd.

Compliance initiative

The quality of Chinese manufacturing has been highlighted in recent news articles regarding a well known toy brand having to recall products that have been dangerously painted with lead paint.

Similar concerns as to the compliance of high visibility garments manufactured on the whole in the Far East have prompted REMA , the Retroreflective Equipment Manufacturers Association, to launch a campaign to tackle this issue.

The problem was highlighted when a non compliant high visibility vest was spotted for sale in a major supermarket, by a REMA member on their weekly shopping trip.

Involved in the campaign is Viz Reflectives, owner of the Vizwear™ brand of High Visibility Clothing, and an active member of the REMA High Visibility committee. After buying a selection of garments available for sale in the UK and carrying out independent testing on them, REMA have discovered some truly astonishing results. The offending garments have been sent to the relevant trading standards offices who were very interested in the campaign.

For further details of the campaign or if you have any doubts on the compliance of your EN471 garments, contact martin@vizrefectives.com or info@rema.org.uk