Computer Workstations e-Tool

Our age is called the "digital era" for a good reason. Today, the vast majority
of us regularly access computers. This includes the many millions who use
computers daily at work. Whether we are "logging on" for business or pleasure,
it is all too easy to get absorbed in our computer activity and forget about
our posture. It is important to keep the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms,
hands, legs and feet in ergonomically conscious positions when using a
computer, as doing so can prevent long-term negative health effects such as
strains, aches and pains in the muscles and joints.

Experts on ergonomics encourages computer users to:

  • Place the computer monitor so that the top line of the screen is at or below
    your eye level.
  • Alternate the hand with which you operate the pointer/mouse.
  • Use a wrist rest to maintain straight wrist postures and to minimize contact
    stress during typing and mousing tasks.
  • Assure that your chair's backrest conforms to the natural curvature of your
    spine, and that it provides adequate lumbar support.

The US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's
(OSHA) Computer Workstations e-Tool offers helpful hints, including visual aids
and checklists that employees can use to prevent ergonomic hazards.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration