Corporate Fabrics GmbH

Corporate Fabrics GmbH presents with textreme protect® the new generation of multi-risks fabrics!

textreme protect® is based on an intelligent blend of Kermel® fibers and four other fiber types. The protective fabric fulfils the norms EN 471 warning protections, EN ISO 11612 heat protections and flaming protection, EN ISO 11611 welder protections, EN in 1149 antistatic, EN 13034 chemical protections and EN 61482-1-2 electric arc. The laminated version or the combination of the protective fabric with a laminated hardly inflammable lining fulfils, in addition, EN 343. By Lenzing FR® and the low weight the single fabric types offer an excellent wear behavior.

textreme protect® is a novelty at the market of protective clothing. By the application of different weights it is possible to fulfill different classes in the standards. Another advantage of the protective fabric insists in the fact that all desired.