Nueva Sibol S.L.

Customization of design spectacles

EY Goggle_Customizations

 More and more customers demand exclusive and personalized Personal Protection Equipments.
 Providing customized and design personal protective goggles you will be able to difference yourself from the competitors, offering a unique tailored product to your customer.
 SIBOL gives you the possibility to customize the EY range design spectacles.

Current trends and socio-economic development, require customization for specific lines to difference yourself from the competition. 

For the strategy to be a success, for a mark does not lose its identity and position itself in the market based on quality requirements and standards of European certification, needs a partner to guarantee manufacturing, design and experience.

That is why SIBOL offers the possibility to enhance their professional image by Customizing your EY Design Goggles, with different models and lenses to suit the needs of each job.

The technological support, manufacturing laboratory and quality assurance system that has SIBOL, will be yours.
You can also benefit from a huge range of management and advisory services, management certifications, differentiation of product labeling, creating instruction manuals, etc.