Division Anatomicos S.L.

DIAN has been awarded the AENOR Carbon Footprint Certificate.

27th July 2015. INESCOP, the Spanish Footwear Technology Institute , has developed an IT tool for the calculation of the carbon footprint of any footwear model, considering its whole life cycle (‘cradle to grave’), i.e. from the obtaining of raw materials to the disposal of used footwear.

The Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR) has validated the tool for the calculation of the carbon footprint of footwear according to the Standard ISO/TS 14067 – Carbon footprint of products.

AENOR’s certificate has been based, among others, on the results of the pilot test conducted in the occupational footwear company DIAN. The pilot test consisted in calculating and verifying the carbon footprint of one of their footwear models using the so-called “CO2Shoe” tool. As a result, the certification body awarded the AENOR Carbon Footprint Certificate to this
company. As a whole, AENOR has already awarded more than 200 Carbon Footprint Certificates that prove the accuracy of the calculation, reduction or offset of greenhouse gas emissions throughout a product’s life cycle or the activities of organisations, events or services.

The tool allows the quantification of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases (carbon footprint) resulting from the manufacture of a pair of shoes and its packaging. Therefore, this environmental and energy management tool identifies the system’s ‘hot spots’, i.e. the materials and production process stages that generate the highest environmental impact.

This user-friendly and intuitive tool lists the main materials that can be found in footwear, as well as the corresponding emission factors (the coefficients that transform activity data, such as energy consumption, into emissions).

This way, the user just has to enter the quantities of materials used and the relevant consumption (water, energy, etc.) and the tool will automatically give the results for the product analysed in the form of CO2 calculated for a pair of shoes.
Even though the main advantage of this tool is the improvement of the environmental performance of companies, it can also be used as an ecodesign tool, as a marketing tool to improve the corporate image (e.g. to be eligible for the footwear eco-label), as a distinguishing element against competitors, and to get ahead of regulatory requirements and even clients. It can also be an advantage in public procurement processes and cost reduction.

This development has been made possible thanks to the European project LIFE CO2Shoe “Footwear Carbon Footprint”, which is coordinated by INESCOP and relies on the participation of technology centres from other EU countries (Poland, Portugal and Italy), as well as the European Footwear Confederation
(CEC) and the Spanish Federation of Footwear Industries (FICE).

The project is partially funded by the European Union through the LIFE Programme, and is expected to end in September 2017.

División Anatómicos, S.L. (Dian) is an Alicante-based company that has been producing occupational footwear, mainly healthcare and hotel industry shoes, for more than 25 years.

INESCOP: The Spanish Footwear Technology Institute, has been offering technical and scientific support to companies within the footwear sector since 1971, in collaboration with the Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries (FICE). It belongs to the Network of Technology Institutes of the Valencian Region (REDIT) and the
Spanish Federation of Technology Centres (FEDIT).

AENOR, through the development of technical standards and certification, helps to improve the quality and competitiveness of companies and their products and services. It is the organisation that is legally responsible for developing technical standards in Spain.

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