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DON'T BUY GAS DETECTORS There's a better way to do gas detection, with iNet...

Choosing the right portable gas detector is not difficult. That’s the easy part. The hard part is deciding how to use alarm event data to keep people safer. And, how can you keep gas detectors maintained while controlling costs?

Industrial Scientific has the solution. Don’t Buy Gas Detectors. Subscribe to iNet and receive Gas Detection as a Service.

iNet solves the most common gas detection challenges. It eliminates the costly, up-front purchase. And it reduces time-consuming, out-of-control maintenance costs. iNet also gives customers complete visibility into their gas detection program, including the knowledge of potentially deadly alarm events.

iNet is a better way to do gas detection. All customers have to do is dock their Industrial Scientific-owned gas detectors on DS2 Docking Stations; iNet does the rest. It automatically bump tests the gas detectors according to the recommendation of the EN 60079-29. It also performs scheduled calibrations and data downloads.

Hosted software called iNet Control provides visibility into alarms, maintenance and usage. All reports are viewable and printable at any time via the Internet. When alarm events happen, iNet Control shows which gas detectors had an alarm, when the alarms happened, and where they happened. It also tells what the gas hazards were and how much gas was present. This data can identify high-risk areas and the employees that may be at risk from repeated exposure to harmful gases.

Any problems are detected and managed before they happen. Users will know if a sensor is about to fail or expire, or when calibration gas is low, empty or expired. And when iNet detects a problem Industrial Scientific rushes a replacement gas detector to the customer. This all happens without having to call a technician, without placing an order, and with no additional costs.

Discover iNet. Discover a better way to do gas detection.