DVD on occupational risks in home care

The DVD "From one house to the next" shows six short films featuring some
carers attending elderly people in France . The documentary film has been
produced by the French Institut national de Recherche et de Sécurité (INRS).
Within the framework of the Belgian 'Proxima' research project , focussing on
the improvement of the working conditions of carers, Dutch subtitles have been


  • Inform a broader audience on the occupational and possible health risks of

  • Induce a debate on the actual problems and possible solutions for caretakers
    and for those in charge of home care services.


The DVD focuses on the occupational risks of carers working for an officially
recognized home care service attending elderly people.

Rouen. Every morning Martine attends to the 93 years old Mister G, who is
suffering from poor vision and audition. She helps him out of his bed, assists
him with the washing up, gets him started and, in the mean time, never stops
explaining what she is doing. Martine likes her job and would like to continue
doing it as long as possible, providing her back ache enables her to...

Paris. In her flat, 99 years old Madam B. discusses her 'weariness of life'
with Christiane. Before doing the dishes Christiane ties to find the right
words, in order to comfort Madam B and convince her to keep on doing some
(modest) exercises and keep on chattering.

The documentary DVD 'From one house to the next' shows five aspects of the work
of carers attending elderly people:

  • Confrontation with death

  • Mental fatigue

  • Necessity of setting limits

  • Physical fatigue

  • Problems with work organisation

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