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Dauphin HumanDesign Group: Solutions for dynamic sitting at office and industrial workstations

Range of industrial chairs  from Dauphin

· Latest seat-research findings: People need help to adopt the correct physical posture when sitting
· Technically advanced range of industrial chairs: Tec profile meets the strictest requirements regarding safety, materials and durability
· Active sitting: Innovative “Actisit” chair helps young and old to achieve greater mobility

This year’s A+A trade fair will take place from 03 until 09 November in Düsseldorf. At stand 7aH24 in hall 07a, Dauphin HumanDesign Group GmbH & Co. KG, Offenhausen will be presenting the latest findings from its seat research and exhibiting innovative, ergonomic solutions for office, research and industrial workstations. “Our products are designed to promote well-being by preventing possible health problems. They reflect the latest research, for example the fact that achieving a dynamic seated posture means not only changing one’s position when sitting but also being aware of the ‘micromovements’ within a particular posture,” said Malte Lenkeit, the Dauphin HumanDesign Group’s ergonomics consultant. “At this year’s fair, we will be presenting Tec profile, our technically advanced range of industrial chairs which are specially designed to meet the needs of sensitive industrial working environments.” Dauphin will also be presenting the Actisit mobility chair, an innovative and modern item of seating aimed at people with physical disabilities. The chair helps disabled people to move around independently, increasing their mobility but without compromising their safety.

“A correct seated posture is one where the user of an office chair sits in a balanced way rather than persistently adopting positions which place an uneven strain on the spinal column,” explained Lenkeit. Unfortunately, a recent field study looking at dynamic seated postures has revealed that people quickly revert back to the habits they adopted as children. This is clearly a formative process, just like learning to walk. “If people are to sit correctly, they need the right office chair and have to be made aware of the issues involved.”

Dauphin will be giving visitors to the stand the chance to experience healthy sitting and ergonomics with its successful Ergolab. Intelligent measuring facilities including the “eyeSeat” are used to analyse and explain people’s sitting habits. The special teaching chair features pressure sensors in the seat and backrest. A screen shows how the chair is being sat on. If necessary, a signal is given warning of incorrect postures. “People often think that all you need to do to achieve a balanced posture is to change positions when sitting. However, the latest research shows that the ‘micromovements’ within the various seated postures also play an important role. You therefore need to allow sufficient leeway here too. However, a distinctly negative seat and backrest tilt remains the most important factor in achieving a healthy seated posture at work,” said Lenkeit. He added: “With our Ergo-Tools, visitors to the stand can see for themselves how to achieve the correct seated posture with the right chair.” The measuring facilities can offer occupational health practitioners and work safety officers valuable support when it comes to raising awareness of correct sitting habits among company employees.

The latest seat-research findings have been taken into account in Dauphin’s range of products for office, industry and research workstations. The company will be presenting a variety of products at the fair including its technically advanced Tec profile range of industrial chairs. The chairs are particularly suitable for use in situations where there are particularly strict requirements regarding safety, materials and durability.

Greater mobility: Active sitting for people with disabilities

The new “Actisit” mobility chair is another innovative product from the trendsetter for seating and occupational medicine. The chair helps disabled people to move around independently. Whereas wheelchairs and other therapeutic chairs tend to restrict people's freedom of movement at work, the new multipurpose chair helps users to take easy, small steps in order to remain mobile whilst sitting. The chair can be used not only in offices but for medical and care purposes too. It is designed to help people with temporary or permanent disabilities to stand up and move around independently.

Actisit helps disabled people to move around more freely but with greater safety. Its retractable armrests ensure maximum freedom of movement as well as support when needed. It also enables users to sit or lie down elsewhere unaided. The chair is electrically height-adjustable, allowing the seat to be lowered quickly and easily to knee height. This makes Actisit an ideal standing-up aid too. The new mobility chair minimises the risk of falling when attempting to stand up, change seats or reach objects.

With its modern appearance, the innovative chair is a complete departure from typical wheelchairs. Dauphin offers the mobility chair in three distinct versions, with a choice of comfortable and functional or stylish and aesthetic designs to suit particular buildings or areas of use.