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Discover the ‘Bata Energy System’ during the A+A 2009

The Bata Energy System

In spite of the worldwide economic crisis, safety is still a key priority on the work floor. Safety has everything to do with protection, but also comfort and feeling fit. Wearing safety shoes with a comfortable fit helps prevent employees from feeling tired quickly, lowering the likelihood that they will make mistakes and therefore also ensuring fewer accidents at work.

With the introduction of the ‘Bata Energy System’, Bata Industrials takes the next step in improving safety and health on the work floor. Consisting of safety shoes, functional socks and comfortable inlay soles, this system ensures a perfect fit, ideal climate management, optimum foot support, and protective shock absorption. All of the products are geared to one another, enabling them to support and reinforce one another’s special features. The wearer will experience a higher level of comfort and have more energy, even after a long day at work.

Feeling fit longer
Bata is also working on a variety of new developments which reinforce the ‘Bata Energy System’ concept. One of these developments involves a shoe design that follows ergonomic guidelines. This ensures an ideal natural action of the foot and an optimum distribution of pressure under the foot. Exhaustion makes way for energy with this concept.

Bata Industrials hopes to welcome you
From the 3rd through the 6th of November, Bata Industrials will present the ‘Bata Energy System’ during the A+A 2009 exhibition at the Messe exhibition centre in Düsseldorf. At stand 3B90, Bata will conveniently present its safety shoes, socks and inlay soles by user group. It will also display several new models and concepts under the umbrella ‘Bata Energy System’ concept. This new concept includes 5 new models featuring the Boa® lacing system. Additionally, the revolutionary Bata-adapt® concept has been expanded, and after its introduction in Germany, this concept will also be launched in the Benelux. Bata-adapt® offers a perfect solution, always geared towards every foot, despite the work environment, working conditions or physical condition of the shoe’s wearer.

To learn more about this concept and a lot more, we invite you to come experience the ‘Bata Energy System’ yourself.