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Dreumex Eco Cleaner: environmentally friendly, industrial cleaner now carries the EU Ecolabel!

Safe for the environment, people and surfaces

Powerful & environmentally friendly
Dreumex, the specialist in industrial cleaning products, presents an environmentally friendly industrial cleaner with powerful cleaning properties that now carries the EU Ecolabel: Dreumex Industrial Eco Cleaner. It removes extremely stubborn industrial soilings from practically every surface, such as floors, walls, tiles and machines. Dreumex Industrial Eco Cleaner is fully biodegradable, which guarantees it is safe for the environment, people and surfaces, without reducing product performance. This has now also been confirmed by the European Ecolabel and means that the product carries the EU Ecolabel.

The EU Ecolabel
The European Ecolabel is a voluntary scheme, established in 1992 to encourage businesses to market products and services that are kinder to the environment. The criteria to be able to carry the EU Ecolabel are very strict and only the best products, that are most environmentally friendly, are allowed to carry the label. More information about the Ecolabel can be found on www.ecolabel.eu.

All ingredients: 100% biodegradable
Dreumex Industrial Eco Cleaner is fully biodegradable, but the addition of MGDA maintains the powerful product performance. This ingredient has very good ecological and toxicological properties, with a cleaning performance comparable to that of phosphates. As well as containing the environmentally friendly ingredient ‘MGDA’, the product is totally free from ingredients considered to be environmentally unfriendly. Dreumex Industrial Eco Cleaner is therefore 100% biodegradable and phosphate and solvent-free.

Ecological range
Globally, there is an increasing focus on and demand for ecological products. This is a positive development to which Dreumex likes to contribute. It is for that reason that, in addition to a 100% biodegradable hand cleaner, Dreumex also offers an ecological product as part of the Power Cleaner range: Dreumex Industrial Eco Cleaner. This enables Dreumex to offer an ecological alternative for the entire cleaning range, from hand cleaners to industrial cleaners!

Dreumex will present its Eco Cleaner with EU Ecolabel on the A+A 2011 Show in Düsseldorf. Please come and visit us at the Show in Hall 6, Booth A27.

More than just hand care
Throughout the world, Dreumex is known as a specialist in high quality hand cleaning and hand care products. In addition to that, Dreumex also offers powerful cleaning solutions for cleaning surfaces and objects. The Power Cleaner range includes extremely powerful top quality industrial cleaners. These products are perfectly in line with the current needs of our customers. This enables products to be purchased as far as possible from one supplier, with the reliable quality of Dreumex.


Please come and visit us at the Show in Hall 6, Booth A27. We can supply you with additional information. You can ask for Erik Andriessen or Katharina Versluis.

Images and information
Attached please find photographs of the Dreumex Industrial Eco Cleaner. For more information about Dreumex or our other products, please take a look at www.dreumex.com or contact Erik Andriessen or Katharina Versluis.

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