DuoBrake(TM) - intelligent control in descender systems

It’s difficult to control the speed of a loaded rope without either risking damage to the rope itself, or failing to control it adequately. If you clasp the rope too hard, you risk damage. If you hold the rope too little, you will fail to control it.

heightec have spent years researching new methods to solve these problems.

The result is a significant advance in two areas of rope control:- controlling speed by friction and controlling the way in which a rope is completely immobilised.

The patented DuoBrakeTM braking system brings advanced design to the issue of rope handling.

DuoBrakeTM is especially relevant to high loads and acts in several ways.

1. It multiplies the braking force applied by the operator’s hand.

2. It provides two independent, cumulative sources of variable braking friction.

3. It acts in a way that counters a sudden release of braking by one element by an increase in braking by the other, reducing the potential for unexpected behaviour by the device.

The DuoBrakeTM system is featured on our handled descenders and lowering devices, giving them a degree of control not equalled by any other products.

get a grip’... holding high loads on a rope

We’ve made advances in ‘simple’ ascender cam design too.

X-CamTM is a completely new design of cam, which gives a considerable increase in performance over traditional sharp toothed models.

By reducing the aggressiveness by which the cam acts we’ve brought about a considerable increase overall holding power - almost 50 % in fact.

In addition, X-Cam considerably reduces the risk of catastrophic system failure by being able to exert high load on a rope even after the sheath has ruptured.

In some cases we have recorded residual holding power of nearly 200 kg after the sheath of a rope has broken.

X-Cam(TM) is featured in all of our ascenders.