E-course Makes the Case for Workplace Wellness Programs

With many of us spending the majority of our waking hours at work, employers
are starting to realize the importance of offering workplace wellness programs
and the positive impact they can have. If the success of an organization
depends heavily on the productivity of its workers, then it makes sense to
ensure that the employees have a work environment that is healthy in which they
can thrive.

Business Case for Workplace Wellness is a free, 30 minute e-course that
provides business owners, managers, and supervisors with an introduction to
establishing a workplace wellness program. The course strives to help
participants better understand the benefits of having a workplace wellness

While a well thought out and executed workplace wellness program is a vital
component to the success of an organization, knowing how to get started can be
overwhelming. This e-course is intended to motivate people to take positive
steps that lead to the creation of healthy workplaces and successful wellness

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