EU-OSHAs Annual Report 2017 - Marking achievements and looking ahead to future goals

Some highlights of the year:

• The highly successful Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign, which
attracted record numbers of official campaign and media partners, came to a
close in 2017 with the final Healthy Workplaces Summit held in Bilbao.

• Work on the second edition of the European Survey of Enterprises of New and
Emerging Risks (ESENER-2) was completed. This yielded an insightful publication
into the importance of worker participation in the management of OSH.

• Some key findings of EU-OSHA's project on occupational safety and health
(OSH) management in micro and small enterprises (MSEs) were published. The
reports draw attention to the roles that intermediaries, authorities and OSH
institutions can play in encouraging good OSH practice in this particularly
vulnerable group of enterprises.

• The development of Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools
continued: 19 new tools were published in 2017 and, by the end of the year, the
total number of risk assessments carried out with OiRA tools stood at almost

• As part of the project exploring the costs and benefits of OSH, a
user-friendly data visualisation tool on the value of OSH was developed and
launched online.

• EU-OSHA received the European Ombudsman Award for Good Administration, which
recognises the Agency's efforts to ensure that language is no barrier to good

The report also gives an overview of the Agency's plans for 2018 and beyond,
including the 2018-19 Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign.

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Annual Report 2017

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