EVOLUTION 5800 Thermal Imaging Camera [For a sharper image in all temperatures]

The new EVOLUTION 5800 enhances the series of MSA Thermal Imaging Cameras by a fourth member. Ergonomically in line with the other three cameras, the EVOLUTION 5800 convinces through its visualisation technology. It is the most versatile Thermal Imaging Camera available, offering an extended choice of five selectable colour palettes that can be chosen according to the users’ needs. Adjusted to the surrounding’s requirements and personal preferences, the colour palettes “White hot”; “Black hot”; “Fusion”; “Fire and Ice” and “Rainbow” can be selected.
The EVOLUTION’s 5800 image detail enhancement provides sharp images in all temperatures and maintains heat source definition where other cameras lose their way. With its optional twofold digital zoom, areas requiring a closer look can be precisely examined. The large display makes it the perfect tool for multiple users to see the screen simultaneously.
The EVOLUTION 5800 offers all of the proven EVOLUTION Series features: instant-on, two different temperature sensitivity modes, Shutter Indicator, Quick-Temp and Heat Seeker PLUS. The EVOLUTION Series can easily be enhanced with a Video Transmission System that enables a real-time insight into what is happening at the site of the deployment. Alternatively, and for documentation, a Video Capture can be adapted.
For further information about the EVOLUTION Series please contact your local MSA representative or visit us at www.msa-europe.com.