Melchior Textil GmbH

Eco-friendly cotton fabric for sustainable workwear

Eco- friendly, sustainable workwear is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. With its new "Organic Cotton" line, Melchior Textil, a company specialising in high-quality workwear fabrics, now presents its first line of environmentally-friendly fabrics. The fabrics, which are certified to the G.O.T.S. standard, are manufactured using only cotton from controlled organic cultivation and processed according to stringent environmental standards all along the line – from production to packaging.
The trend towards eco-friendly workwear originated in Scandinavia, but recently the awareness of sustainability issues in the production of workwear has spread all over Europe. With its "Organic Cotton" range of fabrics, Melchior Textil has developed a line of products that comply with the rigid international Global Organic Textile Standard G.O.T.S. and are certified organic. This latest step is very much in line with the company's philosophy of social responsibility and commitment.

Organic cultivation

The "Organic Cotton" fabrics consist of 100% organic cotton of certified organic origin. In the subsequent production processes, only substances approved by G.O.T.S. are used. Environmental and quality management systems guarantee compliance with G.O.T.S. standards. However, Melchior Textil sets even more exacting parameters for the quality of its "Organic Cotton" fabrics, ensuring that they meet the most demanding requirements for workwear garments: optimum performance and durability.
The "Organic Cotton" line was developed specifically for the manufacturing of trousers and jackets. The twill-weave fabrics weigh 195 grams per square metre and are available in white, champagne and black.