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Ecolab Rescue Sheet  The “missing link” of a complete rescue strategy

Düsseldorf, 24.10.2003. For the rescue of immobile residents in old people’s homes and of hospital patients Ecolab has developed a brand new evacuation system.

The Rescue Sheet
What looks like an advanced mattress cover is a piece full of high-tech: The Rescue Sheet is made out of 3-mesh®, a knitted fabric with very resistant characteristics and good sliding capabilities. It is installed like a mattress cover under the mattress. In case of an evacuation the immobile person is fixed by three belts together with the mattress. The rescuer seizes the carrying belts at the bottom of the rescue sheet and draws it slightly upwards and towards himself. Even on stairways the head and the whole body of the person lying on the Rescue Sheet is well protected.

Efficient rescue
One rescue worker is capable of rescuing one patient or resident by sliding him or her out of the hazardous area. Thus the Ecolab Rescue Sheet makes a significant contribution to a complete rescue strategy. Because even though from the out and inside hospitals and old people’s homes seem to be well prepared for emergencies: a real evacuation never takes place as trained.

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