Expert Opinions about Hand Protection

What trends are hand protection experts seeing for 2017-2018 and what styles
and protection are popular with their customers?

With as many as 1 million hand injuries occurring in U.S. workplaces each year,
hand protection is an important topic. Manufacturers continuously strive to
improve the technology found in hand protection products, materials and
construction, while staying on top of trends in the market.

We recently polled representatives from companies involved in the hand
protection market to find the answers to these three questions:

- What trends are you seeing in hand protection for 2017-2018?

- What types/styles of hand protection are popular with your customers?

- Have you seen an increase in orders for hand protection? If so, do you think
this signifies an increase in employment or production in manufacturing or

Here are their answers…

Here are their answers…

AplusA-online.de - Source: EHS Today