Farewell to the ergonomic strait jacket: office chair ON is a milestone for the new dimension in seating

Demands long since made by leading healthcare professionals and ergonomists are now becoming reality. After five years in development and with four decades of expertise in dynamic seating, internationally renowned office furniture manufacturer Wilkhahn is ready to present an innovative seating concept. An innovation throughout the world, ON gives our bodies the freedom to sit the way they want and can. At the core of the innovative concept lies Trimension®, three-dimensional synchro-supporting kinematics that precisely follows the knee and hip joints. It activates and encourages entirely natural movement, making office work more healthy, productive and without causing fatigue.

A change in philosophy: away from forced postures towards a natural freedom of movement
Therefore, in developing ON, the goal was to achieve the natural freedom of movement advocated by the experts by means of synchro-supported, three-dimensional flexibility of seat and back. In addition to flexing and stretching the back, three-dimensional flexibility of the hip joints is the key to stimulating the elasticity of the spine, the shoulder joints, as well as the back and neck muscles as an entire system. The aim is not just to provide for axial forwards, backwards and sideways movements, but to combine these as rotational movements. Over five years, Wilkhahn engineers developed completely new kinematics for synchro-supported, three-dimensional seat and back movements. Trimension® consists of the coordinated interaction of dual mechanics and an extremely flexible seat and back design (Flexframe). Two separately flexible swing plates, just like two thighs, are connected near to the knees via a rotational axis. In the same position as the hip joints, they form fully flexible suspensions for the seat and backrest. The pivotal sections’ positions and scope of movement follow the knee and hip joints. Consequently, it goes without saying that a completely new and natural flow of movement is encouraged. In any position, the body’s centre of gravity stays between the pivotal sections and therefore in perfect balance. Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse from the “Zentrum für Gesundheit” accompanied and verified the development. “This office chair stimulates a new range of natural postures and movement that activates the entire body. You could say that ON teaches seating how to walk”.

Preview of events:
Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse, from the German Sport University Cologne and Burkhard Remmers, Wilkhahn, Bad Münder, will be talking about the current health research findings. They will also explain the consequences for office chair ergonomics and outline the new milestone in dynamic seating:

Congress agenda at the health and safety at work fair, A + A Düsseldorf, "Innovationen für sichere und gesunde Unternehmen" (Innovations for safe and healthy companies)

6 November 2009, focus:
“ergonomics + health in the office”

10.20 a.m. – 10.40 a.m., CCD South Room 7
“Farewell to the ergonomic strait jacket – the new freedom in seating”

And of course you can live experience the ON chair and your body by using advanced technologies at A + A in Düsseldorf
3 to 6 November, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Wilkhahn stand in hall 7a, stand C07