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Filature Miroglio, present at A + A, launches its Newlife™ platform with performance engineered especially for workwear and protective textiles

Düsseldorf, October 18-21, 2011: Filature Miroglio will present its innovative Newlife™ platform to the workwear, sportswear and prevention textiles market at A+A, Hall 3, stand G 34 -11.

Newlife™ yarns are fully derived from recycled post-consumption plastic bottles using a mechanical process and certified as 100% made in Italy along the whole supply chain. The chain is therefore completely traceable.

The exclusivity of the technology used in the creation of Newlife™ springs from a partnership approach which can be summarized as follows:

Newlife™ exclusive partnerships and production processes:

1.DEMPA: Italian company whose role is to source selected postconsumer bottles from waste recycling bins located in the north of Italy.

2.DENTIS: Italian company that collects the selected material from Demap and through a mechanical (not chemical) process, converts it into a polyester polymer made entirely of recycled bottles, suitable for Filature Miroglio’s spinning process.

3.FILATURE MIROGLIO: uses all its 30 years experience, technological know-how and research commitment to transform Dentis polymer into a range of ultra high quality and performance recycled polyester filament yarns – Newlife™ - suitable for a wide variety of applications and with the same level of performance and quality of yarns made with virgin polyester.

4.The entire process is Oekotex certified and has also obtained the Plastica Seconda Vita trademark issued by the Istituto Italiano dei Plastici (I.I.P.)

The Newlife™ range includes POY, flat, textured, microfibre and hollow section yarns for a wide variety of end uses such as fashion, sportswear, outdoor, furnishing, contract and accident prevention textiles, to name but a few. Newlife™ also comes in a wide range of counts that reflect technical and environmental performance standards and always meet targeted end use expectations.

At A + A Filature Miroglio will highlight some of the many characteristics of Newlife™ in particular:
• moisture management
• cotton touch
• antibacterial with silver ions
• UV protection

Thanks to its technology, Filature Miroglio is able to combine different characteristics within the same Newlife™ platform, making possible such high-tech combinations as:

• antibacterial + skin protection from UV rays
• moisture management + antibacterial + skin protection from UV rays
• cotton touch + skin protection from UV rays + antibacterial

Last but not least, Filature Miroglio has announced that it is switching all of its virgin polyester filament yarns to Newlife™ by 2015. “The switch to Newlife™ for all of our polyester filament yarn products is simply good business sense,” says Dr. Stefano Cochis, Business Unit Director of Filature Miroglio and the creator of Newlife™. “Newlife™ is an incredibly flexible platform that allows for a vast number of applications and performance with levels of quality at least equal to virgin polyester equivalents, but with considerable resource and cost savings for the environment.”

Newlife™ so much more than a recycled yarn

Newlife™ is a registered trademark of Miroglio Textile S.r.l.

For further information:
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About Filature Miroglio
Filature Miroglio, an internal division of MiroglioTextile, has been an international leader in the production of polyester filament and spun yarns for over 30 years. The wide range of Newlife™ products ( to which can be added Newlife™ blends, already the base for many of the high tech yarn ranges of Filature Miroglio such as X-dry™, Silverwall™, Shadow 50+™, Pruvf™, Decora™, Silkiss™, Protec™), Drycot™, Wolkiss™, Elastil™, Ten +™, Sens™, Ingeo™, the constant effort to ensure high-quality levels and the ceaseless research for innovation and development make Filature Miroglio an important player in its key markets. Filature Miroglio’s production force of 500 workers is divided amongst locations in Italy and abroad.

About Newlife™
Newlife™ is the product of an ambitious project developed by Filature Miroglio, it is a unique, complete and certified system of recycled polyester filament yarns coming 100% from postconsumer bottles sourced, processed into a polymer through a mechanical, not chemical, process and spun into yarn entirely in Italy, thanks to an exclusive horizontal partnership agreement. The consolidated know-how of Filature Miroglio combined with its ceaseless research towards innovation and the complete and patented process behind this 100% Made in Italy project, make Newlife™ an incredibly flexible platform. A vast number of end uses and high performance yarns with levels of quality equal to virgin polyester equivalents are possible, demonstrating the added benefit of considerable resource and cost savings for the environment. End uses include: fashion, sportswear, underwear, technical clothing, workwear, medical garments, outdoor clothes, furnishings, accident prevention textiles. www.newlifebymiroglio.com