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First choice in first-aid

Prevent tragedies
In many industries hazardous substances are used, not only to manufacture chemical or pharmaceutical products, but also at water treatment plants, dump sites or in research facilities of schools, universities and hospitals. Working with hazardous materials can cause accidents and as a result may contaminate the body, face or eyes. To prevent serious damage, flushing the exposed parts is often one of the most important first-aid methods before the medicine arrives. Because of this, safety showers and eye washes are demanded as a realistic health and safety precaution method.

Safety at work without risk
euregiosafety safety showering equipment provides in case of an emergency in seconds a correct quantity of lifesaving water. With more than 50 years of experience in safety and over 30 years in safety showering equipment, there is a complete package of available products. This experience guarantees high quality products, from a simple drench horse in the laboratory to a complete frost proof safety shower with tempered water. Specials are developed together with the client. You will find our safety showers in all continents. All models meet the DIN standard EN 15154 as well as ANSI Z358.1.