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First state-attested technical solution against athermal effects of mobile and computer technology

Athermal effects in ELF magnetic fields state-attested

A new expert report by Austrian governmental research institute tgm has shown for the first time the existence of technical athermal effects when using modern mobile phone technology. The proven effects lie within the range of biologically highly sensitive magnetic fields. As early as 2007, the World Health Organisation published a 500-page research paper demanding active preventive measures for these magnetic fields. The Austrian governmental research institute tgm has now for the first time shown and measured magnetic field distortion zones caused by radio and computer technology.

At the same time, tgm tested a new, easily retrofittable technology to reduce these effects and confirmed its technical effectiveness. The result is the first officially recognised product solution to lower everyday athermal stress when using radio and computer technology. Possible health hazards below legal limits have been publicly discussed for years. Additional measures in this field are therefore demanded by many national departments of the environment among others. There is now a reputable and state-attested solution to reduce these newly recognized stress factors.

Fewer magnetic field distortion zones result in reduced electronic stress

Today public discussions about the long-term effects of radio and electronic technologies focus especially on physical reactions which are not covered by current legal limits. No human can survive without his own electromagnetic signals. And these can – as is also confirmed by the WHO report – be massively influenced by magnetic fields. These effects which have now for the first time been officially confirmed by tgm lie in a range of slowly oscillating natural magnetic fields (0-18 Hz) to which humans are highly sensitive. Brain waves, nerves and central cellular functions are concerned. In 1995, neurologists at the Vanderbilt Medical University (USA) already showed that such magnetic field distortions (gradients) can block the signal transfer of nerve cells. But it was not before 2005 that a measuring process (which has meanwhile also been patented) made it possible to objectively register and test the influence in this range.

Magnetic field distortion areas are highly significant in everyday life

Magnetic field distortions occur daily with the use of mobile phones. They affect us in our everyday lives when we sit at our computer desks, in front of the game consule or at places with adverse outside radiation exposure. For the human body, the strength of the magnetic fields is not the main point here. Stress is caused in places where magnetic fields show significant fluctuations over short distances. The frequency of 2.4 GHz tested by tgm is of high significance as it is used by UMTS, 3G, Bluetooth, W-LAN, baby phones, game consoles, wireless alarms and radio controls in all sectors of industry.

AlphaPrevent is a pioneer providing new technology

Based on findings concerning technological mechanisms of athermal effects, AlphaPrevent developed a new technology which reduces everyday distortion zones caused by modern technologies in natural magnetic fields. AlphaPrevent is an intelligent new plastic measuring just a few centimetres which works via the ambient air humidity while not being magnetically charged itself and working without electricity. Certificate TGM-VAEE 32897 issued by the Austrian State Research Institute now verifies the technical effectiveness of AlphaPrevent. The new technology does not affect the technical function of any equipment and is CE approved. The new effect carrier can be attached to the outside of mobile phones or slipped into the battery compartments. This is possible since magnetic fields permeate all materials and AlphaPrevent is not a radiation shielding device. This provides a new method to sustainably improve stress levels beyond current legal limits. It makes the use of mobile phone and computer technology less potentially harmful – in line with the demands for improved prevention as made by the WHO, the European Environmental Agency (EEA), and national environment and health ministries. In the medical field, the German Society of Prevention officially recommends AlphaPrevent as an effective preventive measure.

Hightech made in Austria

The Austrian high-tech business Biological Coherence Technologies GmbH based in Styria specialises in technical solutions to reduce the athermal effects of mobile phone and electronic radiation. It was founded as a result of a project by the Technology Centre in Graz which was supported by the Styrian government. BiCoTec’s innovative solutions provide effective and easy-to-use preventive measures for business and private environments. Since the beginning of 2009 plans for the Europe-wide distribution of AlphaPrevent are underway. Conrad Electronic was the first renowned electronic chain in Austria to introduce these products in all its megastores.

For more information, please consult our website: www.alpha-prevent.com.

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