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Effective Workplace Inspections


Hazards can exist under desks, on the plant floor, in the air and pretty much any place people work. Inspecting the workplace regularly for hazards is an essential part of a health and safety program. Inspections help to prevent injuries and illnesses by identifying and eliminating actual and potential hazards.
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Commission launches new initiative to improve health and safety of workers


Investment in occupational health and safety improves people's lives by preventing accidents and work-related illness. The Commission's new initiative aims to better protect workers against work-related cancer, to help businesses, in particular SME's and micro-enterprises, to comply with the existing legislative frameworkand, and to put a bigger focus on results and less on paperwork.
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Harassment and Violence in the Workplace


When we hear about workplace violence there is a tendency to think about physical violence such as hitting, shoving, kicking and threatening behaviour such as shaking fists and breaking or throwing objects. It can also be in the form of arguments, property damage, vandalism, theft, psychological trauma, anger-related incidents, rape, arson and murder.
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"Global Asbestos Awareness Week”


The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), which combines education, advcacy, and community to help ensure justice for asbestos victims and work toward an asbestos-free future,is organizing the 13th Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW). This year’s campaign for a global asbestos ban will translate across six different languages, spreading the message to a wide international audience.
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Good leadership protects Mental Health


The leadership has an enormous impact on the wellbeing and mental health of employees. This is the result of a current study. An interactive eLearning tool for promoting mental health is a new tool provides comprehensible suggestions as to how executives can protect their employees against stress-related psychological strain and how to stay healthy.
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If there is no appreciation, the stress comes


Most of the stress in a work day is caused by people themselves. This is the result of a study with 220 participants by InLoox. According to the study, stressful circumstances such as parallel projects or massive e-mail traffic are not the main causes of stress at work. Instead, particularly the lack of appreciation increases the subjective feeling of stress.
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Innovation: Sensor Suit for prevention of postural deformity


Recently, the research department "Cyber-Physical Systems" (CPS) of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) demonstrated how a sensor suit can protect its wearer from physical overexertion in everyday work.
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Fraunhofer study confirms influence of humidity on health and performance


In a 2-year study, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO examined the importance and the effect of humidity at the office workplace. The results show that employees in offices with or without humidification suffer in varying degrees from disorders and symptoms of dry air.
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The 5 biggest mistakes with noise at work


Noise-induced hearing loss is the most common recognized occupational disease in Germany. Although the EU has established binding limit values for "noise at work", this source of danger is often neglected or the measurements are not carried out professionally. Ralph Schöne from Cirrus Research, is talking about the 5 biggest mistakes with noise at the workplace.
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Breaks: Good for health, safety and performance


When you keep working for hours and use your lunchtime only to get something done quickly, you are not doing anything good for yourself. Relaxing breaks are not only important for your health, they also preserve your productivity. In addition, they contribute to your safety at work and on the way home.
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